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Steal Our $1M Google Business Profile Lead Machine™
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Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
What Is The GMB Lead Generator?
Is our very system for transforming ordinary Google business profiles into wildly profitable, client-getting machines without SEO or Paid Ads…

Rank On The First Page Of Google

Outrank Your Competition & Be Seen First

Turn Google Visitors Into Leads & Customers

To do that, we focus on 3 parts:
#1: Growth: We optimize our Google Business Profiles using a 7-step optimization checklist and step by step execution strategy that guarantees you start ranking higher on Google, outrank your competitors and be on the first page of Google.
#2: Turn Interactions Into Customers: There are 4 Ways Visitors Reach You On Google
Phone Call To Your Business

Google Chat

Visiting Your Website
Visiting Your Business In Person
#3: Communicate & Engage With Your Leads In ONE Place!
Plug-in High Impact Leads™ and watch your phone calls, missed calls, Google Chats and website visitors automatically convert into leads

Download The #1 Best Selling Book In The World On Google Business Profile™...

Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s How We Built A Multi- Million Home Service Business With A Single Client-Getting Google Business Profile™…

I specialize in helping local home service businesses grow online, generate customers and 10x their sales and revenue.

And I’m about to show you how to “hack” your Google Business Profile to generate unlimited, FREE leads and customers for your business.

Yes this works for ANY type of business in any industry. However, we’ve crushed it with local home service businesses.

It doesn’t require any special skills, and it doesn’t involve running any paid ads…

The GMB Lead Generator Method™
Over the span of 87+ pages, we’ll teach you how we’ve turned a single Google Business Profile and generated over 120,000 leads for local businesses around the US without paid ads or SEO.
Meaning we’ve accomplished this without paying $1,500 a month to an agency!

Inside, we’ll show you:
First and foremost how to use Google’s algorithm to your favor and rank higher, get more interactions than ever before and turn those interactions into real quality customers for your local business.

– How to setup your Google Business Profile

– How to get more 5-Star Google reviews on auto-pilot

– How to turn your Google Profile into a “sales marketing page”

– How to Add FAQ sections that lead to more calls, and visitors

– How to add images with meta tags

-And so much more…

Everyday, there are hundreds of local home service businesses businesses that are implementing our method and leveraging our plug-in tool that works with Google and generated at least $10,000 to $25,000 into their business and more.

…but today, you can get your hands on our entire process – that has made us & our clients millions – for just $19.95.

This book (and the accompanying bonuses) will not be available at that price for long.

So if you’re ready to get Unlimited FREE leads (at least 20-40 high quality leads per month or more).
Click the button below to claim your digital copy of the GMB Lead Generator book today…
87+ Page Digital Book
The GMB Lead Generator™ book will help you rank higher on Google, outrank your competitors, and drive more traffic and leads with the right people, and most importantly actually turn those Google interactions and visitors into REAL QUALITY LEADS for FREE on Auto-pilot.
$1 Million GMB™ Case Study
We’ve generated more than $1 million with one Google Business Profile and a single 1-page funnel. This is a 45-minute training video breaking our process down step-by-step.

Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

When You Claim Your Digital Copy Of The GMB Lead Generator Book Today, Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside…

Your Google Business Profile Is The Most Important Asset You Own Online

: Intro: How I “hacked” our Google Business Profile™ to rank higher and generate enough leads to go from closing shop 2021 to generating $2.2. Million in 2022 & 2023!
: Now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed Google is placing so much information directly on Google as to discourage you and visitors from clicking away from google.
This is called Zero-Click Search
Zero Click Searches: Let’s say you Google the weather, notice how Google provides you all the info right on Google, so you have no need to click to another website. This is becoming the case with any information you search on Google.
Phase 1: Profile Optimization
Checklist for optimizing all the features of your Profile
How To optimize and geo-tag your photos
How to get your Profile verified in difficult markets (Google calls them “your money or your life” markets
Phase 2: Citations
How to build citations
A complete list of citation sources, organized by industry and geography.
The most efficient vendor to outsource to (if you choose)
Insider Secret that gives you a competitive edge in almost any market.
Phase 3: Review Velocity
Strategies and tools for automating the review process with High Impact Leads™ software.
High leverage execution for ramping up your review velocity.
Phase 4: The Secret Formula
Google Business Profile (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow)
Expanding your visibility on Search & Maps (by ethically gaming the system.)
Easy to follow strategies for increasing your Profiles engagement rate.
Tracking Results
How to access Insights in your account (what the data means and it’s limitations).
FREE and paid tools for tracking the footprint of your Profile

Download Now For Just $19.95

Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee



Free Updates For Life: You get free updates and lifetime access for the one-time fee of $19.95
Google is always changing how their search engine works. The Execution plan will keep you up-to-date. New strategies added.

Bonus #2

Strategies for spiking your calls and bookings
This report outlines a simple tactic that can be used as a force-multiplier for your profile. You'll see calls and bookings spike!

Bonus #3

Siphon Google Visitors Into Leads With High Impact Leads™ Software Tool For 61% Discount + 30 Day FREE Trial
The secret weapon my clients use to generate $10 Million in sales and 120,000 Customers is High Impact Leads™ a powerful tool that connects to your Google Profile and turns Google visitors into real data and leads you in a CRM. You can also send Google review requests, SMS text marketing and follow-up with your leads until they become clients or customers.

The Best Money-Back Guarantee In The World

If we can’t make you money… we don’t deserve yours.

So here’s the deal:

You have a full 7 days to go through the GMB Lead Generator digital book and implement what you learn...

…and if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know, and we will refund every penny back to you.

On top of that, we’ll even let you keep your copy of the GMB Lead Generator digital book AND all of the bonuses, on us, as our gift to you.

So there’s no risk.

You either LOVE the book, get great results implementing it, or we send you your money back, no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Click the link below to claim your copy of the GMB Lead Generator digital book today...

Download The GMB Lead Generator Today For Just $19.95...

What Have Others Achieved Using The GMB Lead GeneratorMethod?

$ 10
It's Getting Harder & More Expensive To Get Quality Leads
#1: Ads are no longer cheap.
That doesn’t necessarily mean they no longer work. We still use them in our process to this day, and we’ll show you our strategy for that inside the book.

However, what that does mean is that you can no longer throw up a basic, one-sentence ad and expect to be profitable.
#2: Google is Prioritizing No-Click Search
No-Click Search is Googles way of keeping it’s users on Google without clicking away to a website.
This means 60% of all Google Searches DON’T Leave Google
Making it a MUST to transform your Google Business Profile Into A “Website” or Sales Funnel!
#3: Ad Agencies Are More Expensive Than Ever
Your Google Business Profile Is MORE Important Than Your Website!

Claim your digital copy of the GMB Lead Generator book today & get each of the bonuses mentioned above 100% free...

Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Order The GMB Lead Generator Book Today...
The GMB Lead Generator Digital Book ($97 Value)
BONUS 1: FREE Updates For Life ($197 Value)
BONUS 2: Triple Your Calls & Bookings Strategies ($97 Value)
BONUS 3: 61% OFF High Impact Leads Tool ($200 Month Value)
BONUS 4: $1 Million Google Profile Case Study Report ($197 Value)

Total Value: $788.00

But if you claim your copy of the Home Service GMB Lead Generator digital book TODAY, you’ll get everything above for…
ONLY $19.95
All we ask is that you commit to implementing the information inside…
Backed By Our 7-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This & We Hope You Enjoy The Book!

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

We’re granting you instant digital access to our brand new book, GMB Lead Generator™ for a one-time only $19.95.

Inside, we’ll share with you how to scale your very own wildly profitable, Google Business Profile …

… using the same methodology we’ve used to scale our own business to over a half a million a month …

… and hundreds of our clients have used to earn an extra $30,000, $50,000, even $100,000+/month in their businesses.

The reason why we’re offering the book for only $19.95 … is because our long-term plan is that you’ll love the book & leverage our High Impact Leads™ Marketing tool that connects to your Google Profile and allows you to siphon leads automatically without lifting a finger.

The quality of leads and customers you will get for FREE by optimizing your Google profile and leveraging High Impact Leads™ is the equivalent of paying $75-$250 per lead with paid ads.

Not to mention the expensive marketing agencies that go along with generating those paid ad leads!

If you don’t absolutely love the book, simply let us know, & we’ll grant you a full refund AND even let you keep the book & the bonuses … as our gift to you.

You’re absolutely gonna love it.

Jeremy Parker
Who Is This For?
This book was written for any local home service businesses who want more leads & sales. If you own any type of business, even if it’s not local home service businesses, this book is for you.
Will This Work For Me?

We’ve used this Customers-getting system inside of our business to make more than $2 million and our clients have used it to make over $10 million collectively (inside of 100+ niches).

this system works in every single niche you can deploy it.

And we GUARANTEE it will work for you too.

You see, if for some strange reason you try the strategies outlined in this book and they don’t EXPONENTIALLY grow your Google business profile & business…

We’ll refund the price of the book and we’ll even let you KEEP IT, on us, as our gift to you.

How Is This Book Different?
Well, firstly…

It’s not some thinly veiled “sales pitch” for some other product I have to sell (*cough* ram down your throat).

And it’s most certainly not some thin 30-page guide.

Because as they say…

The more you give, the more you get.

And since I want to get a lot!

I’m giving you a lot in this book…

(some say too much)

But seriously…

This book isn’t filled with theory.

It’s a street-tested system that’s working right now.
What Exactly Am I Getting?
– A 90+ page digital book.
– FREE Updates For Life .
– Triple Your Calls & Visits With Strategies
– 61% OFF GLead’sPro Tool (The only software that connects to your Google Profile.
– $1 Million Google Profile Case Study Report
Do You Provide Any Upgrade Options?
Yes, we provide additional resources to help you implement the information inside the book & get results quicker.

The book alone is incredibly potent, but a large portion of our customers want added accountability & implementation help, so we provide additional products & services.

The upgrades are optional, however, they’re highly recommended.
Yes, we provide additional resources to help you implement the information inside the book & get results quicker.

The book alone is incredibly potent, but a large portion of our customers want added accountability & implementation help, so we provide additional products & services.

The upgrades are optional, however, they’re highly recommended.
Do You Have Any Success Stories?
Yes, hundreds.

We’ve now helped tons of GMB Lead Generator generate FREE leads, rank higher, get more leads, more orders, sell higher ticket products and services they’d struggle with in the past.
Can I Buy A Physical Copy?